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For a Grower Field Day

Please join us at the Radisson Hotel Santa Maria, located at 3455 Skyway Dr, Santa Maria, California. We will be hosting a morning of coffee and engaging presentations from our special guest speakers. Following the presentations, we invite you to join us for a visit to our strawberry trial site.

The Speakers

Dr. Rita Abi-Ghanem, PhD

Soil Scientist

Dr. Abi-Ghanem holds a Ph.D. in Soil Science from Washington State University, specializing in Soil Microbiology and Sustainable Agriculture. With a wealth of experience in humic acids and soil health, she led teams in developing and testing carbon-based liquid fertilizers.

Active in various science committees, her passion lies in creating sustainable agricultural practices. Her work aims to improve food quality, combat food insecurity, and safeguard the environment.

Johan Kotze

C4L Technology

Johan holds a B.Agric degree in plant production from Stellenbosch University and brings over 17 years of experience in product development, focusing on biopesticides and biostimulants. Johan played a pivotal role in the initial breakthrough research on C4L technology, contributing to its early development.

Formerly the technical manager for product development at Rovensa Next for 11 years, Johan now serves as the Managing Director for C4L technology at Biorevolution. Johan is driven by a passion for integrated pest management and sustainable solutions, alongside a commitment to advancing biostimulants within the industry.

Dr. Vishal Shinde

Independent Agriculture Researcher

Vishal’s passion for agricultural research began during his upbringing on a farm. After obtaining a Master’s in Agrochemicals and Pest Management, he pursued a PhD in biological pest management (Entomology).

With a decade of experience at the world’s largest sugarcane research institute, he transitioned to a postdoctoral position at UC Berkeley focusing on strawberry research. Over his 15-year career as a contract researcher in California and other states, he gained expertise in agronomy, soil science, fertility, biostimulants, and environmental sciences.

Vishal’s well-rounded background, including a Master’s in agrochemicals, a doctorate in pest management, and a post-doc in plant pathology, allows him to bridge research with practical applications for the betterment of farmers and the agricultural industry.

Event Date

May 6, 2024. 08:30 am – 12:00 pm









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