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Who We Are

Farmers in North America, and indeed worldwide, are continually challenged to cultivate high-quality, high-yielding crops in the face of ever-increasing demands for efficiency and yield.

Specialty plant nutrition products play an important role in helping farmers achieve optimal crop growth by providing essential nutrients that promote healthy development, disease resistance, and higher yields. By incorporating these products into their cultivation practices, farmers can enhance crop performance, profitability, and sustainability.

Omnia Specialties Inc. sources its core portfolio of plant nutrition products from Omnia Specialties Australia. The company has been a global leader in the development and manufacture of specialty fertilizers and biostimulants since 1990. Products include humates, fulvates, seaweed, kelp and organically chelated trace elements. Omnia produces world class humic acid derived from Australian leonardite – which is considered to be one of the best raw materials on a global scale.

The company’s team of highly qualified agronomists and agricultural scientists are committed to continual development of new products and innovations.

Mission & Values

Omnia Specialties Inc.’s core philosophy is based on advancing sustainable agriculture with an emphasis on optimizing the physical, chemical and biological properties of soils. We market organic based soil conditioners and fertilizers that maximize and sustain soil productivity for the benefit of our growers.

Omnia Specialties Inc. prides itself on marketing scientifically developed specialty plant and soil vitality products that have been proven during years of intensive research in field-based trials to enhance nutrient uptake, improve root growth, and stimulate beneficial soil microorganisms.

The specialty plant nutrition products that we market are pivotal in enabling many North American farmers to attain optimal crop growth. Our products offer essential nutrients that foster robust development, bolster disease resistance, and promote higher yields.

Omnia Specialties Inc. is deeply committed to empowering farmers throughout North America in their endeavor to cultivate high-quality, high-yield crops. In today’s competitive agricultural landscape, the pressure on growers to elevate productivity and yield is greater than ever. Acknowledging this challenge, Omnia provides innovative and efficient solutions to help farmers thrive.

Our goal is to support growers in overcoming the complex hurdles that come with modern farming practices. Through our extensive portfolio of specialty plant nutrition products, we equip farmers with the necessary tools to foster crop health and vitality, thereby increasing their overall yield and profitability. These solutions are designed to strengthen the resilience of crops, fortifying them against diseases and extreme weather conditions, which are increasingly prevalent due to climate change.

Furthermore, Omnia Specialties Inc. recognizes the value of sustainable farming practices, not just for the present, but for the future of our planet. To this end, we develop products that are environmentally friendly and enhance the sustainability of our growers’ operations, while simultaneously ensuring a high-quality yield. This approach contributes towards a more sustainable agriculture industry, protecting the Earth’s resources for future generations.

Through our unwavering commitment to innovation, sustainability, and grower support, Omnia Specialties Inc. is playing an essential role in supporting North American farmers to meet and exceed the escalating demands for increased productivity and yield.

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Our Humates

Our Humates are sourced and produced from the richest Australian leonardite and enrich soils to give you peak performance.