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Foliar Products


Liquid kelp concentrate

Mega-Kel-P® is specifically designed to improve plant health, leading to better fruit retention, fruit sizing and increased crop yields.


Plants treated with Mega-Kel-P® typically initiate a flush of root growth which triggers the following to occur:

  • Increased root area increases the plant’s ability to access more water and nutrients in the soil and the rate of uptake.
  • Stimulation of the plant to produce root exudates which stimulate biological activity in the root zone, improving the plant’s ability to access macro nutrients and trace elements.
  • An increase in carbohydrate production which the plant can then utilize for critical processes such as leaf growth, flower retention, fruit set or fruit sizing.
  • Improvement in stress resilience with increased speed of recovery following stress events such as heat, cold, waterlogging or moisture stress.

Pack Size:

Mega-Kel-P® is available in 5-gallon and 265-gallon totes.


Soluble Liquid Fertilizer

Crop4Life® is a soluble liquid fertilizer for crops in need of potassium during critical phenological growth stages.


  • Restored phytohormone balance increases plant resistance and growth capacity.
  • More efficient plant flavone metabolism reduces abiotic and biotic stress factors.
  • Enhanced net photosynthesis increases plant energy levels and restores ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) balance.
  • Elevated levels of Ca uptake improve long range signalling in the plant due to increased flow of chemical messengers.
  • Dynamic changes in plant exudates ensure productive plant-soil-microbe symbiosis.

Pack Size:

CROP4LIFE® is available in 1.32-gallon (5 Liter) jugs.