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Our Team

Dirk Barnard

Vice President Operations

Dirk has the passion for agriculture and people driven by a quest to make a significant contribution to food security, he helped develop new markets globally by continuously reaching for new frontiers in innovative environment friendly and economical crop production solutions. He follows a holistic approach to economic sustainable agriculture with a focus on soil health and plant vitality.

With extended experience in organic, natural and biological derived compounds as well as chemical solutions, Dirk strives to provide simplistic solutions for everyday challenges on the farm, assisting farmers with growing a healthy, and profitable crop of good quality. He believes in independent accredited research as the base of our marketing efforts, maintaining customer relationships through continuous on-farm visits, providing agronomic service and advice through knowledge and experience.

Mobile: +1 559-931-3332
Phone: +1 800-760-8402
Email: dirk.barnard@omniausa.org


Regional Sales Manager

Bringing a wealth of experience in turf and ornamental management as a Golf Course Superintendent, Jim joins Omnia with a remarkable career spanning over three decades. Throughout his journey, Jim has finely crafted his expertise as a turf-grass professional, establishing himself as a leading authority in the field.

Jim’s academic achievements are equally impressive, having earned his Bachelor of Science in Agriculture degree from The Ohio State University, where he specialized in plant pathology and nutrient management. He holds prestigious certifications as both a Certified Golf Course Superintendent and a Certified Professional Agronomist, demonstrating his commitment to excellence and professional growth. With such a rich background, Jim is poised to make invaluable contributions to Omnia and further advance the industry’s understanding of turf and ornamental care.

Mobile: +1 239-825-4888
Phone: +1 800-760-8402
Area: Southeast
Email: james.schleutker@omniausa.org

Steve Green

Regional Sales Manager

In March 2023, Steve Green became a valued member of Omnia Specialties Inc. Armed with a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Business Management, along with a minor in Crop Science from Oregon State University, Steve’s educational foundation is robust and well-rounded.

With a career spanning an impressive 38 years, Steve embarked on a journey of excellence, contributing his expertise to various agribusiness organizations in diverse product development roles. His commitment to advancing agricultural practices has been recognized globally, particularly during his impactful 6-year tenure focusing on international markets. During this period, he played a pivotal role in educating growers about cutting-edge nutrient use efficiency polymer technologies applied to nitrogen and phosphate liquid and dry fertilizers, enhancing agricultural practices and promoting sustainable solutions worldwide. Steve’s dedication to driving innovation and promoting sustainable agriculture makes him a valuable asset to the Omnia team.

Mobile: +1 208-863-4118
Phone: +1 800-760-8402
Area: Northwest & Southwest 
Email: steven.green@omniausa.org

Mike Sughroue

Regional Sales Manager

In March of 2023, Mike became an invaluable addition to Omnia Specialties Inc., boasting an impressive 40-year background in production agriculture. Throughout his extensive career, Mike has excelled in various capacities, including Crop Consulting, Agronomy Sales, and Account Management, making him a well-rounded expert in the field.

Mike’s dedication to professional growth is evident through his membership in the American Society of Agronomy, where he holds the esteemed title of a Certified Crop Advisor. Moreover, he earned his Bachelor of Science in Agronomy Degree from the esteemed University of Nebraska – Lincoln, solidifying his expertise in the field.

Passionate about soil and plant health, Mike is a strong advocate for regenerative agricultural practices. He takes great pride in sharing his wealth of knowledge and experience with his customers, eager to introduce them to the extensive product portfolio of crop inputs offered by Omnia Specialties in the USA. With Mike’s profound understanding of agriculture and genuine enthusiasm for sustainable solutions, he is sure to make a significant and positive impact on the success of his customers and the growth of the company.

Mobile: +1 308-520-3030
Phone: +1 800-760-8402
Area: Midwest
Email: mike.sughroue@omniausa.org


Consulting Soil Scientist

Dr. Rita Abi-Ghanem has extensive experience in humic acids and soil health. She previously led a team developing and testing carbon-based soil and plant liquid-nutrition products and coordinated with scientists in the United States and worldwide to set up research projects in order to test the efficiency of the products. She also built an advanced soil fertility and chemistry laboratory and hired a team of scientists.

Dr. Abi-Ghanem was a member of the Humic Products Trade Association Science Committee, the Fluid Fertilizer Foundation Research and Education Committee, and a member of the Agricultural Science Committee of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) Science Advisory Board (SAB) and the Science Communication Editor of the Soil Science Society of America Journal.

Dr. Abi-Ghanem earned a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Agricultural Engineering from the Lebanese University, a Master of Science (M.S.) degree in Plant Protection from the American University of Beirut, and a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree in Soil Science from Washington State University (WSU) with an emphasis in Soil Microbiology and Sustainable Agriculture.

Phone: +1 800-760-8402
Email: Rita.AbiGhanem@omniausa.org


Agronomy Fellow

Dr. Terry A. Tindall, Ph.D., is a prominent agronomist currently working as an Agronomy Fellow at Omnia USA in Boise, Idaho. With over 20 years of experience, he previously served as Director of Agronomy at J.R. Simplot Company, where he oversaw product development and conducted extensive fertilizer efficiency studies.

Before joining Omnia USA, Dr. Tindall was a Professor at the University of Idaho, specializing in soil guidelines for nutrient management and conservation. He holds a Ph.D. in Soil Science from Oklahoma State University and is known for his extensive publications and international speaking engagements.

Recognized with prestigious awards, including the American Society of Agronomy’s Industry Agronomy of the Year Award, he focuses his research on biostimulants and active carbon resources to improve soil health and promote sustainable agriculture. His dedication extends to addressing global food security.

Beyond his professional life, Dr. Tindall enjoys outdoor activities like fly-fishing, hunting, and hiking in North America. He also volunteers as a church educational instructor and is a proud father of four grown children.

Phone: +1 800-760-8402
Email: terry.tindall@omniausa.org